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just like you who wanted a rewarding home selling experience". 

Did you know time destroys home value?

The longer homes sit on market unsold the greater their loss of value will be in the minds of buyers.  Why?

It's because we are wired to believe that something unsold is either overpriced or defective, even when it's neither.

In my industry it's no secret that homes typically fetch the highest prices when they sell fast in a competitive marketplace. Yet traditional real estate practice still relies on the "list and hope" approach of the last century.  Planting a yard sign and waiting for buyers to show up does not promote a seller's interest in getting the best price and terms with as little inconvenience as possible.  There's a better way.

When the Apple Corporation releases a new iPhone, it doesn't stock store shelves, then wait for buyers to come into its stores.  Apple creates demand with a powerful pre-launch marketing campaign that positively influences buyer desire for the new phone even before its even available. We creatures want what others want and we want what we can't have.

Apple marketers understand that this deeply seated human impulse to compete for scarce resources means thousands upon thousands of pre-ordered phones with thousands more people standing in very long lines eager to purchase on product launch day.    Apple would never sell its phones the way  real estate agents, even seasoned veterans, attempt to sell homes.  iPhone buyers are less concerned about price than they are about missing out.

The key to faster home sales at higher prices with little inconvenience is to motivate shoppers to take action in a competitive setting.

I've taken a cue from Apple-brand marketing to create my exclusive "SelFast" system.   It's a super shock and awe marketing plan designed to sell homes in less than 30 days - often less than 10 - by motivating home buyers early in the process to come, see and take action, even before a listing is available to the general public.

Sound good?  Give me a call, 603 677-6713.  In about 15 minutes, I'll explain how "SelFast" can sell your home at full market value.